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booze cruise

The cider that started it all

Booze Cruise is the flagship dry cider of Shoal Draft. Highly crushable and refreshing, this cider is made for enjoying time with friends in the sunshine.
0 sugar, 5% abv, 100 calories, low tannins, and low acidity. Booze Cruise is the base for many of the Shoal Draft flavors!

high tide haze

Citra hops make this the most crisp and refreshing drink you never knew you needed.

High Tide Haze is a favorite for many gluten-free folks that miss their IPAs.


the solution

Bad days are just future good stories. Bursting with peppery ginger, bright lime, with a touch of blackstrap molasses to suggest dark rum. This cider will have you telling sea stories and dreaming of pink sand beaches!

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Independent & Woman Owned

Shoal Draft Cider is a woman-owned and operated craft-brew beverage company that’s big on having fun and even bigger on bringing people together.

Born amid new protocols of lockdown and social distancing, Shoal Draft Cider has become a way to stay connected with my own community of fun people. When so many of us craved the ease and camaraderie of simply being together, I dove into recipe research and delivered my homebrewed cider to friends’ driveways and porches on the order of 10-20 gallons of “recipe research” every month.

What started years ago as an occasional hobby of delicious science experiments has bloomed into a cider that captures the easy feeling of an afternoon sail with good friends on the Chesapeake Bay.

Today, Gretchen is building the Shoal Draft brand to be dedicated to creating great, crushable flavors and highlighting more ways to bring fun people together, again and again.


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